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Consistently Get 10+ Calls a Week for Your Agency With this VERIFIED LinkedIn Outreach Method

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Cold Email is Good, But Not Enough

Cold Email has built many six, even seven figure agencies.

But let’s be honest: it’s running out of juice.

The average agency now gets only 1-5% reply rates.

With such low reply rates, building a business will take years. 

The Overlooked Potential of LinkedIn

Using only cold email is like only fishing in one tiny spot in the ocean.

Yeah, you’ll catch fish, but if you fish in more than one spot? 

You’ll EASILY catch way more. 

The more ways you have to catch fish, the more you’ll catch, right?

It’s exactly the same with outreach.

The more ways you have to generate leads, the more leads you’ll get.

When you look at it this way...

Using more than one outreach technique is a NO BRAINER.


LinkedIn Makes Outreach so Much More Effortless

You won’t have to cram a hook, something personal, social proof, and validity
all into one tiny message like cold email.

With Linkedin, there’s infinite ways to prove your worth

  • Posts to show authority in your niche
  • In-depth client testimonials
  • BUILT-IN Case Studies

Messages are more likely to get a reply

  • LinkedIn inbox isn’t as hectic as a busy CEOs email inbox
  • You can send voice notes (way more personal than cold email)
  • Custom picture & video as well
  • More personal back & forth (unlike clunky email replies)

Look at How Easy It Is To Book a Call 

Take a look at how effortlessly these methods get calls:
Once you get your page set-up, outreach is almost TOO EASY
“How do I get my page set-up?”
Don’t worry. That’s handled too.

Completely Free LinkedIn Outreach Training

When you sign up, you’ll be invited to a free training and learn:
  • How to build a profile more attractive than a Hot Instagram Model
  • Mistakes LinkedIn beginners ALWAYS make
  • How to write messages so good prospects HAVE TO reply
  • How to send super personal voice notes that DEMAND ATTENTION
  • Much much more...
But this is just the start.

We’ll also be sending you access to our LinkedIn outreach software, LeadLink. So your outreach will be even more effortless.

Cold outreach leaders Nick Abraham, Ty Frankel, LinkedIn King & Donvesh have all added their touch in bringing LeadLink to life.
We slaved over the UI, features & automation to make sure you CRUSH your outreach goals.

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